Tell us about your cats!




 To safely and effectively participate in TNVR, you must understand the TNVR process and educate yourself.  A little preparation goes a long way.  These are our recommendations:

Neighborhood Cats TNR Certification

This course is required for all our volunteers who will be trapping and caring for cats in traps. It is also recommended for persons borrowing traps from us.  This live webinar is given the 1st Saturday of every month and the fee is $10.  Very informative and fun.

Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook

A trapper’s go-to for difficult trapping scenarios! Also lots of great information for colony caretakers

Community Cats Podcast Archived Webinars

Community Cats Podcasts tune you in to all-things community cats going on around the country & around the world. 

They also provide two great archived Neighborhood Cats webinars if you missed the yearly live events:  Trappers Tips and Tricks AND Drop Trapping:  A Trapper’s Best Friend

Neighborhood Cats How to Perform a Mass Trapping

Great info and visuals for a novice trapper who is short on time even if only trapping a single cat!


Caring for free-roaming cats takes passion and hard work.  The cats depend on you and your job is critical to ensuring they live the best possible life outdoors.   In addition to the Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook noted above, we like the following sites for their comprehensive information:

Feral Cat Focus

A wealth of information from our cat-loving neighbors in Buffalo

Neighborhood Cats Colony Caretaker Tips

Colony Caretaker Tips. Live yearly webinars & archived versions are available year-round

Alley Cat Advocates

Detailed advice from a well-known program in Kentucky


Our goal is to prevent litters of kittens from being born outside but we know that even with the best of efforts, there will be kittens.  Kittens must be socialized at a very early age (usually under 8 weeks of age but there are exceptions) to be adoptable pets.  See below for our recommendations:

Kitten Lady

All things kittens!

Flatbush Cats

A wonderful group downstate in Brooklyn with many informative videos