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TNVR help

TNVR Assistance

We offer TNVR assistance, training and mentoring for residents in the city of Rochester.

Please, fill out the form if you are feeding outdoor cats

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+1 (585) 225-5296

PLEASE NOTE: The list of colonies requiring spay/neuter is extremely long and there are very few spay/neuter appointments available. We will make every effort to help you but cannot guarantee assistance.

Cat Colony Registry

In order to better understand the extent of the outdoor cat population in Rochester and demonstrate needed services, we need coordinated efforts and better data. Please register your colony here.

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Community cats Spay/Neuter Clinic

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Not sure what to expect when we help you TNVR your cats?


  • Count cats
  • Feed daily at same time
  • Make appointments


  • Gather equipment
  • Plan your trapping
  • Care for the cats


  • Transport to clinic
  • Spay/Neuter – Vaccinate
  • Care for the cats


  • Return when fully awake
  • Feed and water daily
  • Monitor the colony

Do you have friendly cats in the colony?
Feeding guidelines:
Winter shelter basics:
Trap Loan for TNVR: Thank you for fixing the cats you are feeding! Traps are available to rent for a small refundable fee. To borrow traps, complete the application which can be found here: