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ROC The Day!! Tues Nov 28th

Don’t forget to #RoctheDay Tuesday Nov 28th. RocKats is participating in this daylong local fundraiser which raises
awareness of our community’s hardworking nonprofits and provides a secure site where you can donate.

Trapping those furtive outdoor felines for spay/neuter is what we do best. But there is so much more to TNVR. We provide meticulous care pre- and post-op and treat any concurrent medical needs. Friendly strays are returned to owners or placed for adoption. Kittens are removed from the streets for socialization and adoption. Colony caretakers are provided with winter shelters. We talk to people where we are trapping and provide written information about the serious problem of cat overpopulation.

Your much appreciated donation helps us do all of this! With fewer litters of kittens born in the harsh outdoors, each cat can get the attention it deserves. Thank you for your ongoing support 🐱 #roctheday#tnrsavelives