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August good and bad news…

In August, 41 adult cats were spayed or neutered and 16 kittens were scooped up or trapped. We also had some stolen feeding stations, stolen cat shelters, Kia Kidz leaving stolen cars and broken glass where the cats are fed, the never-ending stream of abandoned pet cats who enter our traps.

International Homeless Animal Day

Saturday was International Homeless Animal Day, created in 1992 to spread awareness of the problem of pet overpopulation. The global problem of cat overpopulation and a scarcity of affordable spay/neuter appointments is something we see everyday here in Rochester  This fortunate group of felines, having their daily morning meal, is […]

Shout out to KASA!!

We are so grateful for the support and generous donation we received from Kids Art Supporting Animals (KASA). KASA sold their amazing hoodies, tees, and other goodies at @thelittletheatre last weekend during the CatVideoFest 2023 to help us spay/neuter more city cats!