Tell us about your cats!

Big colony management!

We’ve been focusing on some larger colonies recently where the numbers of kittens can increase dramatically during kitten season.

The big orange boy is the father of many. But those days are over. Last week he was neutered and seven of his female colony-mates were spayed. Thank you to those who supported the costs of fixing these cats in one of our target zones.

Ten of the 20 kittens at this colony are orange 🍊 Fortunately 17 kittens are now safely indoors. Thanks to Pet Pride (@pet_pride_of_new_york ) for accepting five kittens and the wonderful foster home caring for the others 😻 Vet costs for these little ones will be pricey as all will receive everything they need before adoption.

Seven adults were returned to their kind feeders and one friendly girl is staying with us for further evaluation. We still have a lot of work to do at this location.

Thank you for your ongoing support 🐱