Tell us about your cats!

Relocation when needed

Relocations are a last resort for feral cats — done only when the environment is dangerous, there is no reliable feeder, or when cats are unwanted and threatened. Desmond and Tippy were living in a drainage pipe and gulley between an expressway exit ramp and a fast food drive-thru lane. Dangerous.

Desmond was trapped quickly, Tippy took weeks 🤷‍♀️. Tippy clearly had human companionship at some point as he meows and we can now pet him. Desmond is wary, but he purrs when he’s close to Tippy, and we are now getting some slow blinks of 💕

These two boys have been neutered and vaccinated and Tippy’s sad ears were thoroughly examined. We are still searching for a suitable setting where these two can stay together — safely. Share this or message us if you can help 🐱🐱