Tell us about your cats!

Busy June

Take a look at some of the adorable cats we met last month. Thanks to the terrific vet staff at @lollypopfarm and @rochestercommunityanimalclinic, we spayed 32 females and neutered 19 males in June. These cats will be healthier and less stressed without the burdens of looking for mates and raising kittens outdoors.

An additional 14 kittens and 8 friendly unowned adult cats are now in foster homes or with rescue partners leaving their street life behind.

June was a special month for Firefly (still out for adoption!!). This seemingly tough, beat up, disheveled orange boy evaded traps for six months and was often seen crossing busy streets. To be clear, he gave traps (and us) the fish eye and walked away. Placing the trap under a large broken down truck finally worked. Firefly was finally neutered and he turned out not to be so tough after all… purring and meowing from the first evening in our care. No more cat fights or dangerous streets in Firefly’s future 🐱

Be safe and have an enjoyable Fourth of July 🎆🎇