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May’s tally

Meet a few of the many cats and kittens we helped in May. The month flew by with 53 adult spay/neuters, 14 kittens scooped up, two lost cats reunited with their owners (thanks to microchips), and one very precarious kitten-trapping scenario. Every single cat unique and special 🐱

February Summary

Meet some of the 37 cats we trapped in February! All are now vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and headed towards healthier lives. For 14 friendly felines, life on the streets is now a thing of the past 🐱

Want to help? Register to TNR training!

In January, 16 of the 32 cats who were spayed or neutered moved indoors after their surgery or stayed with us and will go up for adoption soon. Want to help the skittish cat on your porch, the cats on your block, or volunteer with us? Register for the Neighborhood Cats TNR Training.

August good and bad news…

In August, 41 adult cats were spayed or neutered and 16 kittens were scooped up or trapped. We also had some stolen feeding stations, stolen cat shelters, Kia Kidz leaving stolen cars and broken glass where the cats are fed, the never-ending stream of abandoned pet cats who enter our traps.