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We love it when we find adoptables in a large colony of cats. This results in an immediate reduction in the number of cats outside as well as a warm and cozy life for these friendlier kitties. Speaking with the feeder ahead of time gives us a heads up as to what the mix of cats might be so we can prepare.

In January, 16 of the 32 cats who were spayed or neutered moved indoors after their surgery or stayed with us and will go up for adoption soon 😻

Want to help the skittish cat on your porch, the cats on your block, or volunteer with us? Register for the Neighborhood Cats TNR Training on the first Saturday of every month. We promise you’ll learn all about TNR (it’s way more than “trapping”), enjoy every minute of this interactive webinar, and feel empowered to take an active role in humanely managing the outdoor cats so that their numbers decrease over time.

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