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February and too many friendly cats

We schedule our trapping each week based on requests from colony caretakers. They know their “regulars”– cats who have been showing up consistently to eat. After spay/neuter, they’re returned. 

It’s not unusual for there to be new cats or sporadic eaters. If these cats turn out to be friendly AND healthy, they go back. The feeder watches them in case they become regular diners or start to look unwell. Then they need to come inside. We don’t want to take a pet cat and some of these sporadic eaters, who are now fixed and vaccinated, have been known to show up at a later date wearing a collar!

But friendly cats who are injured, ill, unkempt, or malnourished are not returned after their surgery — they are clearly not doing well outdoors.  We immediately do everything we can to find an “owner” – scrolling through lost pet postings, posting the “found” cat, putting up flyers, placing door hangers in the area, talking to people.  Even though many of these cats go unclaimed, we have reunited a few cats with their owners, so we never assume the cat is abandoned.  We always hope there is someone out there looking for their lost feline friend.  But if not, we care for this kitty until moved to a rescue partner or a foster home. 🐱

February has been a month of many “friendlies”. We are most in need of paper pellet litter, Purina One dry food, and Friskies pate which can be found on our Chewy wishlist. Thank you for your ongoing support!