Tell us about your cats!

Sweet kittens!

Scroll through to see some of the adorable kittens our volunteers rescued in May. Thirty lucky kittens were pulled from window wells, garages, sheds, and yards. All of these kittens, and most of the mother cats, are safe in our foster homes or those of our rescue partners.

Unlike adult cats who stick to their mealtime routines, kittens can be unpredictable and take hours to trap as they are often more interested in playing and even climbing on the trap. It’s so important to carefully plan out your kitten trapping as you don’t want to leave any behind. We prefer to trap the mom after we have all the kittens. We can use the kittens to draw the mom to a trap. If we do trap the mother first, we use her to attract the kittens. No mom around? Playing “mom calling kitten” sounds on your phone can help lure the little rascals out of hiding.

Contact us ([email protected]) if you want to know more trapping tips!