Tell us about your cats!

TNVR works in managed colonies!

In January a feeder asked for help with her cats. After trapping on her property, we ventured outward, leaving door hangers on adjacent streets to let people know that TNVR was going on and to provide information on the importance of spay/neuter. We talked to people, checked the routes the cats traveled to get to the original feeder, and found a lot of other cats. Many were observed eating out of a dumpster and going into an abandoned house 😿 After getting permission from the property owner, we set up a feeding station and continued trapping.

We’ve trapped 29 cats in total at this location — 16 cats were returned and 13, including two kittens, were deemed unowned and adoptable. Thanks to @kellerskatsrescue@right_meow_rescue, and @lollypopfarm, adoptable cats got off the street. We currently have two sweethearts from this location up for adoption through us: Frankie and Abby! If you’re interested in these lovely cats, you can send an application ❤️

We continue to feed daily at this site (a big thank you to the kind woman who recently donated food!). Periodically we set up trail cams to watch for new cats or we observe as they eat. So far so good! The ones we returned look healthy🤞

TNVR is labor-intensive and it must be accompanied by outreach and education to be most effective. The ongoing management of a colony is challenging but also rewarding. If you can spare a short bit of time one or two mornings a week to feed at one of our RocKats-managed colonies please contact us ([email protected]). You can also click through the link in our bio to learn about the many other ways you can help—you don’t have to trap!