Tell us about your cats!

Kitten season is upon us!

Kitten season is in full swing and every day there are calls reporting kittens. Sadly, we cannot get to everyone. We were able to take 13 lucky kittens and one friendly mom off the streets over the past two days. Many thanks to @right_meow_rescue@pet_pride_of_new_york, and @flowercitykitties for finding foster homes for these sweethearts!

In the US, 80% of kittens are born outdoors where they must contend with predators, parasites, cars, and poor nutrition. Most die by the age of six months. Many go on to have more kittens. TNVR stops this cycle, prevents litters of kittens, and prevents suffering. With fewer cats outdoors, more kittens will be born indoors 😻

If you would like to join our team, learn the ropes of TNVR, get kittens off the street, help injured/ill ferals, rehome abandoned cats, or manage a colony in your neighborhood, please contact us ([email protected]). We would love to have you. As always, donations toward spay/neuter costs are much appreciated🐱