Tell us about your cats!

Always trust your gut and give it a try!

Author: Zamira Guerra Soares

We got called to help trap a tuxedo mom and her kittens. The feeders have been great and have managed the cats really well.

We went to the place a few times before trapping to check how many kittens were there and their location.

Mom and kittens were hiding under a porch. There were three adorable kittens… two black and one tuxedo like mom.

The best way of trapping mom and kittens is under a drop trap, getting all of them at once! But I didn’t have a drop trap… the next best option is doing a “bottle and string” method… that’s what I did.

Momma cat was hungry, entered the trap quickly to eat and the kittens followed her, playing around and inside the trap.

I didn’t have my binoculars with me and it was really hard to figure out how many kittens were inside the trap with mom. I thought all of them were there, but I couldn’t risk leaving any behind without mom.

I decided to let the mom go and trap the kittens I had inside! Doing this, if I left any kitten behind, mom was going to take care of them!

As soon mom left the trap I pulled the string! Went closer and….. I got all three kittens!! It was a win, but I could’ve trapped all of them together! I had no more time to stick around  but thankfully we have a good team of trappers who help each other!

We changed shifts and another RocKats trapper came to finish the job and trap momma!

Momma got fixed/vaccinated and returned. Kittens went to Kitten Korner!!