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Rookie in trouble!

Author: Zamira Guerra Soares

We were called to help trap some kittens and their mom in someone’s backyard.

I just learned how to trap, but since the task seemed easy and in an easy spot, I volunteered to go and give it a try!

Got there, set up the trap, quickly got the mum! I was so happy! But… rookie mistake!!! I can’t trap the mom first and leave the kittens!! 

The kittens were not coming to the trap… they stayed hidden behind the shed… I tried to use mom to lure them in… but nothing!!

At this point, if I release mom, she would probably move the kittens to another place and we may never be able to find them again!

I had to call the big guns! I contacted the more experienced trappers in RocKats and explained the situation… one came to MY rescue to help get the kittens.

Behind the shed was not the cleanest place, you know? But the only way to get them is to go behind the shed and grab them with our hands!!

Of course, they were so scared!! At some point, we thought they ran under a wheelbarrow that was upside down… I gently lifted it and under it was an opossum!!  Just there, chilling… I put it back down gently and left the opossum rest… 

Slowly we figured out where they were hiding.. they were not trying to run, they were terrified! It took us about 2 hours to get all four of them!! But we did it!!! 

Mom got spayed and the kittens went to fosters at GRASP to be socialized and adopted.

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