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There’s always a last minute cat…

Author: Zamira Guerra Soares

Everyone who traps went through this situation more than once…

You are ready to pack everything up, there’s no more cats showing up… you start to pack the drop trap and… suddenly, out of nowhere, there’s a cat looking at you all curious!

That’s what happened not a long time ago with me…

The cat came and sat close to my car, watching me pack the drop trap! And now, I see myself trapped between the drop trap and the cat close to my car.

I had to choose… give up for the day (I had three cats with me already), pack and let the cat get away or… see if I can assemble the drop trap again and try one more time…

I decided to slowly set up the drop trap again and hide behind the house… biggest problem? I was going to need to pull the string that was at an angle to the trap!! Had no idea if it was going to work… but the cat was just there… I needed to try!

Slowly the cat came to eat while I was doing my best to stay hidden.

After a few seconds of eating I just pulled the string with no hesitation!

And I got her!!

Sometimes it seems like the cats know you are helping and they wait their turns to be trapped.

The female, along with the other 4 cats we trapped that day in that colony, were assessed by a vet, fixed/vaccinated and returned.

Never give up and always try one more time! They need our help and we are going to do everything we can to do it!

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