Tell us about your cats!

Meet Gregory!

Every so often we are asked to trap a cat who has been left behind in a house. The situations are all a little different but generally involve a scared or unsocialized kitty.

Gregory was trapped at the end of March.

With bits and pieces of information, we learned that he was a pet cat but then spent several years relatively alone in an unused storefront and ” hissed a lot” .

We got the same greeting, a growl, and a sad face during his first few months with us.

Little by little he began to trust us, spending less time under his towel and more time out and about, especially curious about the other cats in our care.

Five months later… OH EM GEE… WE CAN PET HIM!!

No bets yet on whether he will ever be a lap cat but we are thrilled at the thought that he may one day be a pet again.

Please be patient with the kitties who may be shy, scared, or semi-socialized!