Tell us about your cats!

Bye Bye August!

Fifty six (56!) cats and kittens spent time in our holding space in August.

Most of the adults met the criteria for being returned to their colony after spay/neuter.

Eleven lucky kitties were taken to indoors by their feeders after surgery.

Thank you to Pet Pride and Flower City Critters for taking in some of our adoptable kittens.

We still have quite a few friendly homeless-no-more awaiting more vet care.

Please consider supporting our work (click here)! The measurable benefits of TNR: a decrease in the number of cats over time with good colony management. The immeasurable benefit: less suffering. It’s estimated that um to 75% of kittens born outdoors die within the first six months of life.

Twenty five females found their way into our traps in August. No more kittens from this bunch. We love kittens but it’s a harsh life out there.