Tell us about your cats!

Tough July

Here are some of the 47 beauties we helped in July. Most were returned to their colonies after spay/neuter. Several kitties moved inside their caretaker’s home after the big fix (thank you!) or are moving along the adoption route.

Overall July was an expensive month. While we always incur costs for follow-up vet visits for friendly cats, last month our costs skyrocketed for severe eye infections (all better now), dental work, and an unusual post-op complication (on the mend) 😿Thank you to @rochestercommunityanimalclinic and @catsexclusivelyvethospital for tending to these adorable kitties—often fitting us in at the last minute.

Each $50 donation will sterilize, vaccinate, flea-treat, and deworm one cat or will help us pay our additional veterinary costs. We greatly appreciate every donation we get 🐱