Tell us about your cats!

Food Drive!! Please help!

Sinbad and The Duke, two tomcats in Esther Averill’s 1972 book “Captains of the City Streets”, loved their private dining area, tasty food, fresh water, and “clean crockery”. They waited eagerly, but from a distance, for the “captain of the supper nook” every evening.

Many kind people care for Rochester’s large homeless cat population. Besides food and water, they provide warm shelter and are on the lookout for new cats so they can be spayed or neutered and evaluated for proper placement. These managed colonies offer the best possible life for cats who are not suited to indoor life. 

The sad truth is that for the near future we will continue to have lots of cats living outdoors. Managed colonies keep the numbers from climbing by keeping the area kitten-free.

In an effort to support our amazing “captains of the supper nook” we are doing a cat food drive on Saturday July 13th from 10am to 12 noon at 766 S. Clinton Ave. next to Natural Pet Foods. Our greatest need is dry food and the most commonly used brands are Friskies and Purina Cat Chow. Other ways to donate are via our Chewy wishlist or dropping off at Natural Pet Foods during business hours. We will be making deliveries to caretakers the same weekend. 

All donations are greatly appreciated🐱