Tell us about your cats!

Careful out there with the cold weather!

We worry so much about the cats in the frigid weather 😿 Our volunteers worked diligently to make and distribute as many insulated shelters as they could before the temps dropped. We are also so grateful for additional shelters that were donated.

-Remember to only use straw in your shelters (other materials, including hay, will freeze). Stuff them well 🐱
-Add kitten food to your usual food during the winter for extra calories.
-Replace water frequently.
-If you can afford it, offer canned food to those cats who show up on time and they will get water via their food (when the leftovers freeze it’s wasted).
-Offer a snow-free spot for feeding-even a piece of dry cardboard will do the trick.

With food, water, and warm shelter we can help them get through the winter. (We are still searching for the young lady with the pearls. She showed up, ate, and left)