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Carmine’s story

We ended 2023 rescuing a cat who showed up on a feeder’s porch in horrific condition. This was a cat neither he nor the neighbors had ever seen before. Hunkered down in a shelter, what looked like an easy transfer into a trap turned out not to be so easy because this boy was terribly congested and not able to smell the tuna bait. We resorted to a net and easily moved him to the trap. Within hours it was obvious he was quite friendly 😻

Carmine is estimated to be about 10 yrs old and in need of ongoing medical care. He loves to eat and sleep and seems to love most of the attention he is getting. He doesn’t love the attempts to remove the layers of grease and grime so it happens little by little.

We’ve asked questions and searched for Carmine lookalikes but we have no answers and no info 😿 This poor boy has a sad story we will never know. Thanks to observant caretakers, the terrific vet staff at @catsexclusivelyvethospital, and our dedicated volunteers, he is now warm, safe, and cared for.

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