Tell us about your cats!

Skinny Eddy

Last month, Skinny Eddy kept showing up on camera after midnight and was clearly in need of help. The caretakers of this colony stayed up late to trap this elusive injured cat. Although very skittish outside, he was meowing and headbutting in the trap, letting us know he was friendly.

At his neuter appointment we learned that in addition to the open wound, his leg was severely fractured and needed amputation. Thanks to the staff at Stoney Pointe Pet Hospital (@stoneypointeanimalhealthcentre ) this sweet boy received prompt treatment and excellent care. He also charmed a vet tech into fostering him by making biscuits while his IV was inserted.

It’s only because of your donations that we can help cats like Skinny Eddy, who will now live out the rest of his nine lives safely indoors. (That other kitty in the camera pic is Erwin who was TNRd in the process of trapping Skinny Eddy)

We greatly appreciate your ongoing support and generosity😺